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I am having a BIG birthday at the end of the month and we are going to celebrate!!!

We have some smaller fun things happening all month and at the end of the month there will be a BIG, BIG giveaway.

I am going to give away one session and 10 images....from one sexy bish to another sexy bish....yup, you read that correctly. An amazing giveaway to celebrate my 50th birthday. You all have given me so much love, encouragement and support, I want to give a little something back.

Your session includes professional hair and make up

Phone Consultation (if you want it)

90 minute photo session

10 stunning images of your choice

Use of the client closet

Personal Viewing appointment to select and choose your images

(Valued at $1100)

(P.S You can select/purchase extra images if you want but are not obligated to)

All you need to do is....

1) add a bestie to the fb group

2) fill out this form to be entered to win...


A few things I have learned....

I've have been photographing boudoir exclusively for a few years (close to 10 I think) and here are the top 3 three things I want you to know...

1) we all have rolls, even those who are in their peak physical condition have a roll somewhere when they move or lie down, they are there, I promise you, we all have them.

2) Everyone is nervous, literally everyone come in and feels nervous. Some are a wee bit nervous and some are verrrry nervous and that's ok, it's expected. My experience has been that you'll relax a little more during hair and make up, you will relax a little more as we start our first set and usually by the time we are in the second outfit you'll be planning your next session.

3) Everyone is insecure about something. I've had the pleasure of having hundred's on clients in my studio and I've never ever had a client say "I love everything about my body"

Every client has something they don't love....some are big things, some are small things. Something they don't love. Often its the things other people love about them; freckles, a gap in their teeth, curls etc

We all have our own beauty, let me show you yours

4) We don't necessarily HAVE confidence before we book the session, we GAIN it by doing the session.

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