Hi, I am Tara

I am a wife, mother and a story teller. I am so very grateful to be able to create amazing images for you all day. It's been a dream career and I am thrilled you have chosen me to photograph you.

As a child, my grandmother had a large red velvet box of photographs and I loved to look through it every time I was at her place. It was special and sacred to me....all those glossy black and white photos, each with a story to tell.

I believe…

Photographs are more than a piece of paper. They are a connection to our past and a gift to our future. They are the representation of all that the mind forgets and what the heart will always remember.

The best things in life aren’t things.

I love…

Lazy days with the kids; crafts, book and beach days and all things that sparkle.

Meals with friends;. I am a food sharer and will always customize my order. Yes, I am the one who will order a hamburger “just mustard”. #Sorrynotsorry.

The feel of sand in my toes; our dream trip is Hawaii to see the baby turtles hatching.

I am…

A hot mess…honestly, I’m super organized but in a chaotic kind of way, I’m always 5 minutes late and stuff usually falls out of my car because there are always about 3 water bottles, a can of Pepsi and a few Tim Horton’s bags in there.

Kind of a Type A and I am fascinated by people’s stories.

Chatty and will snort if I find something really, really funny.

A list-maker; my favorite list is all the fun things I want to learn & experience and as one gets crossed off the list, I add another one.

My answer to why is… why not?

Sparkle, shine and live out loud.

Wanna chat? Have a few questions?

Send me an email pureimages@eastlink.ca


Intimate portrait artist offering boudoir and glamour photography to all areas surrounding Antigonish, New Glasgow, Truro and Halifax, NS

Our studio is located in Trenton, Nova Scotia



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