Our Studio

Our studio is a 900sq foot space in my private home in Trenton, NS. At present we have 2 studio rooms with a variety of sets, a dedicated hair and make up area, bathroom and private entrance/driveway. Each set is furnished with gorgeous one of a kind pieces to create a luxury experience you will cherish forever.

We also offer limited edition sets, our studio is always evolving and changing things up for you with fun new furniture, lamps, mirrors, cozy blankets and collectibles to create unique sets.

Here are some of the sets and furnishings we currently offer.

Specialty sets happen a few times a year and always sell out with 24 hours so watch this space and our VIP group for details

Soft and cozy bed set

Swank Black Grid Wall

Tub Set

Antique Couch

Limited Edition Sets

Limited edition sets happen a few times each year and have a special set, unique products and only happen for a few days. We turn the studio into something magical for 3 days every few months and it's amazing.

Nymph Set

Nymph set is the perfect Midsummer Night's Dream, featuring flowers, sun bursts and butterflies.

Red Set

Red room is a specialty set for Valentine's Day featuring hot lights, leather and animal prints.

Scream Queen

Specialty set we had for Halloween featuring pomegranates, gold crowns, candles and shallow water.

Rain Room

Rain room was created in July for 3 amazing days!! We had sessions outside and they were incredible. This was by far our most popular specialty set and we are currently adding names to the list, please send us a message to be the fist to learn all the details.